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” New Rules ” is a song by English singer Dua Lipa from her self-titled debut studio album (2017). The song was written by Caroline Ailin, Emily Warren and Ian Kirkpatrick. Kirkpatrick also handled the production and offered it to Lipa after it was rejected by several artists. The song was released on July 7, 2017 via Warner Bros. Records for digital download and streaming as the seventh single from the album. It is an electropop and tropical house track with EDM production that includes dance-pop and dancehall rhythms. In the lyrics, Lipa gives herself a set of rules for recovering from an old friend. Lipa said it was the breakup song she wanted when she broke up with someone. ” New Rules ” is a song by English singer Dua Lipa from her self-titled debut studio album (2017). The song was written and produced by Ian Kirkpatrick, with additional lyrics by Caroline Ailin and Emily Warren.

It was released on 15 July 2017 as the album`s sixth single on contemporary radio in the UK. It affected the same format in the United States on August 22. “New Rules” is a tropical house, EDM and electropop song with drum and brass instrumentation. In the lyrics, the singer gives a list of rules for recovering from an old friend. It received positive reviews from music critics, many calling it an anthem of separation and women`s empowerment. It reached number one in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium (Flanders), Ireland, Israel and Romania, while it was in the top ten in Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and several other countries. “New Rules” became the third entry and first top 10 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and reached number six. more» In the lyrics, the singer makes a list of rules to prevent her from finding an ex-boyfriend. The rules are: “First: don`t pick up the phone, you know he`s only calling because he`s drunk and alone / Second, don`t let him in, you need to kick him out / Third, don`t be his friend, you know you`ll wake up in his bed in the morning.” [19] Lipa confessed that “these are not necessarily rules that I could follow. But these are rules that I think it`s important to be able to say to yourself, to tell your friends. There`s a reason people break up, and it`s probably the same reason you shouldn`t get back together.

Warren explained that the song is a self-reminder for people who are recovering from a breakup so as not to succumb to a momentary temptation, as it is “not a good idea in the long run.”[20] [21] About the song, Lipa explained that “`New Rules` is very different from many of the songs on the album. I wanted it to feel very new […] It`s the breakup song I wanted when I broke up with someone” and that “it`s keeping your distance from someone who is bad for you. I have established rules not to go back to this person. [22] [23] Well, that`s a brazen number. It is certainly one of the craziest. I feel like when the pace drops, it`s very different from some of the stuff on the album, but somehow it works and it fits in. It`s the kind of thing you go to your friends and tell them like, “Don`t go back to this man, here are some rules.” You are always much better at giving advice to your friends than to yourself. Here I take my own problems and set rules for myself not to go back to this guy who constantly ruins me. “New Rules” was originally written by Caroline Ailin, Emily Warren and their producer Ian Kirkpatrick at a writing camp for the English girl group Little Mix.

Kirkpatrick also developed and programmed the track, while Chris Gehringer mastered it and Josh Gudwin mixed it.[1] [3] According to Warren, she was told in the early years of her career that she should never write a song where the male partner doesn`t “understand,” but later she stopped following that because she thinks “best writing” happens when she stops worrying about what she has to do and simply expresses herself. She added that she applied this approach to “New Rules,” whose lyrics were inspired by Ailin`s struggle against the temptation to reunite with an old friend. The song was passed down by several artists, including one who thought it didn`t have a hook worth mentioning.[4] [5] This is the breakup song I wish I had when I broke up with someone. I am the one who takes responsibility. It`s about keeping your distance from someone who is bad for you. I have established rules not to go back to this person. [I wanted] [in the clip of “New Rules”] show that you and your friends are helping each other. Your friends are the rules, they are the ones who prevent you from making a mistake with this guy. In January 2017, Dua Lipa announced via her Facebook account that she was planning the release of her self-titled debut studio album on the 2nd anniversary of the album. June of the same year to record more songs. She then traveled to Los Angeles, California, where Kirkpatrick performed and recorded his “New Rules”.[6] The song was recorded at Zenseven Studios in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, NRG Studios in North Hollywood, Los Angeles and Atlantic Recording Studios in Los Angeles, while vocals were recorded at TaP Studio/Strongroom 7 in London.[7] After seeing covers of the song and recreations, Dua Lipa had the idea to release a new video with a compilation of covers. In the end, she expressed her gratitude: “New Rules” became Dua Lipa`s first number-one single in the UK and Ireland.

“New Rules” is about breaking up with an ex and knowing how to stay away from them. The narrator must treat himself like a friend with his own advice.

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