Minimum Closet Size for Legal Bedroom

Hi Alex. Thank you for visiting. It looks like you have a unique property with a mix of commercial and residential. I`m really not sure you can rent anything at a commercial level (looks like it`s the lower level). The best source would probably be your local market. You may want to contact a reputable property manager or local authorities. However, I mostly wonder if it was supposed to be a bedroom or if it was supposed to be commercial storage space. I`m sorry I can`t answer you, but I think it`s the best given your unique property. Best wishes.

Hi Ryan, this is really about functional obsolescence and not the definition of a bedroom. In fact, almost any room can be adapted for most residential purposes. Like a home office in an unused room. It`s always a bedroom, regardless of the furniture. In general, we select all the compositions most similar to the theme. If I have a theme with rooms on a floor without a bathroom, I look for a comp with a similar floor plan. This is much easier than trying to prove an adaptation for functional utility. In general, for the sake of utility, I don`t call it a bedroom if it doesn`t have a bathroom on the same floor. If I have a composition with a similar floor plan, neither my ratio nor the value is misleading.

Thanks for this thread. I am a broker in Georgia and am currently working with a client on this topic. He has a bonus room on the stairs that he wants to turn into a bedroom. It has a window and a lockable door. However, it does not have a closet. The house is a 3/2.5 and he wants to make it a 4/2.5 so he can try to get more money on sale. He has already contacted the county and they have made the change from the bonus room to a “room” in the county. Is that all he has to do? IRC defines a cabinet as “a small room or bedroom used for storage.” A chamber is defined as a natural or artificially enclosed space or cavity. This means that a 6-inch box with a door could be called a closet or a closet or a cabinet could be called a closet. A serious risk may exist if a garage, attic, basement, house or investment property is converted illegally. In addition, the bedroom must be protected by an electric arc circuit breaker (AFCI), a relatively new safety feature designed to protect homes from fires due to faulty wiring.

The rest of the guidelines and measures are quite similar to what other states require from a bedroom. Thanks for the quick response! The bedroom has a normal bedroom door from a hallway and it is about 5 steps from a 1/2 bathroom. I think because it`s located on the lower level of a divided level and close to the cave and laundry room, the reviewer thought it was too far. Which stinks, because we could certainly use the added value of a 4th bedroom! Why the circuit breaker box is there, I have no idea. Would make a boat load more meaningful if it was in the laundry room. But the house is 45 years old and has its quirks, I guess. “Sellers can usually set and get a higher price the more rooms a house has,” Abdel says. But getting creative with your living space and trying to wedge a standard bed or two in too few square feet just isn`t going to fly. In fact, there are legal requirements when it comes to bedrooms and minimum bedroom sizes to consider.

To be considered official, a bedroom does not need to have a closet. The IRA (Individual Retirement Account) does not require bedrooms in Pennsylvania to be equipped with a closet. No, if the “bedroom” does not have a window, unfortunately it cannot be considered a bedroom. Well, technically, a bedroom should have at least two exit methods, which means it must have a very large window or a second door to the outside in addition to the interior door. Thank you Patricia. 🙂 There are many factors to consider. We can`t just impose the “no closet = no bedroom” rule on every home in every market. We need to consider the local code AND look at the other points mentioned above. Thanks again. It seems that there is no need for an exit outside the house, there must be an exit that allows you to leave the room even if it goes to another. Two doors leading to the same room or exit area would not be acceptable, as this room could burn and others could not.

I know several houses that have interior rooms with no exit to the outside of the house. Can you imagine your bedroom without your closet? For the average mind, bedroom and closet go hand in hand. Where would you store your clothes? Where do you store other personal belongings? Where would you store things? A room without a closet just doesn`t look right. Closets are mostly present in bedrooms (especially newer ones), but they are not necessarily a legal requirement. It is advisable to always check with the local construction department to find out what their requirements are for a bedroom, and that states and local building jurisdictions have the authority to change or modify the IRC code of their city or jurisdiction. Hi Larry. I don`t think I would say a room isn`t a bedroom if it had a door in the wall between the bedrooms. However, this would be strange for most markets, so we would consider this functional obsolescence. By the way, what about the master bedroom with closet? The bonus room is the only upstairs area of the house, so the location is a bit off the beaten path. But it meets the size requirements you listed above, so it will be a success or failure depending on the appraiser and buyer.

I will give the seller the options and let him know what “might” happen and let him decide whether or not he wants to put the money in a closet in the room. This has been extremely helpful as I am new to the industry. Your help is greatly appreciated. As a salesperson, you can`t just explain that a room is a bedroom. There is a legal definition of a bedroom in your state. Surprisingly, there are a total of six standards that a room needs to meet the legal definition of a bedroom. While exact codes vary from state to state, it must have all the room requirements to be listed as a bedroom in your property listing. Thank you very much. It would be nice if there was a definition that we could work with. That is precisely why we need to listen to the market. What does the market expect in terms of cabinets? The answer may vary depending on the type of property or year of construction (Victorian or current). The other day, someone asked me for advice on how to convert a cave into a bedroom.

The owner wanted to add a wardrobe and asked what the minimum size of a cabinet was. I told him that the best thing to do was to stop trying to do a minimum and make sure the closet was big enough compared to the rest of the house. It`s about as good as it gets and would help this other room feel like the rest of the house too. Closets are ideal for any bedroom, but they are not considered a legal requirement in most states. On the contrary, the focus is more on temperature control, outputs, windows and dimensions. Hi Larry. Thank you very much. I would bow to your local market with regard to a door as such. I don`t know the answer, although I`ve never seen a pocket door leading to the exit. That would certainly be embarrassing. I can safely say that I have seen many sliding glass doors in the master bedrooms, but that`s another matter. Sorry, I couldn`t be more helpful.

I would contact your local construction department about this. Hi Bill. That`s a good question. No, FTA does not have a closet mandate. Like many other issues like smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors, the FHA abides by local building codes and standards for cabinets (Santa Ana HOC told me this morning in a phone call). Since the FHA abides by the local code, the cabinet issue is a point of contention.

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