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AZA, or Ahmad, Zavitsanos, Anaipakos, Alavi & Mensing P.C., is a Houston-based law firm that houses real courtroom lawyers with impressive experience in complex commercial litigation, including energy, copyright, and commercial litigation. AZA is recognized by Chambers USA 2020 as one of the best in Texas business law; by U.S. News – Best Lawyers` Best Law Firms is one of the best commercial law firms in the country for eight consecutive years; was named the 2019 Litigation Department of the Year by Texas Lawyer; and was previously designated by Law360 as a powerful Texas law firm. National Corporate Counsel has named AZA one of the best client services in the country among the Fortune 500 and 1000 law firms. HOUSTON – AZA is once again named one of Houston`s Top 10 Intellectual Property Law Firms by the Houston Business Journal. In addition, IAM Patent 1000 – The World`s Leading Patent Professionals 2020 – AZA has been ranked among the top patent court firms in Texas for the sixth consecutive year. IAM also named AZA partners Amir Alavi and Demetrios Anaipakos as the best patent attorneys in Texas. HbJ`s 2020 list of the largest intellectual property law firms in Houston (subscription required) recognizes AZA as the ninth largest intellectual property law firm in Texas` largest city. A key element for effective patent protection is the drafting of claims that define the invention as much as possible, but without overlapping prior art that could invalidate the patent. It is generally preferable to do this by a person with skills and experience in patent practice, so consulting with a patent attorney is a wise choice. Some people find a lawyer on the recommendation of a friend or family member, but you should do your own assessment. A friend who suggested a divorce lawyer may not be in the best position to recommend a criminal defense lawyer or a tax lawyer. Dealing with legal issues can be complicated and frustrating.

You should find the right lawyer to contact to give you the information, advice and legal assistance you need. Houston intellectual property lawyers. We will work aggressively to protect and defend your interests. The following are patentable under these statutes: The Texas State Bar maintains the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct in the event of violations or complaints against state attorneys. You can use the search tool on the State Bar Association`s website to check a lawyer`s public disciplinary history. State Bar research results must show the attorney`s disciplinary history (if any) in Texas and other states. Use the contact form in profiles to contact an attorney in Houston, Texas for legal advice. Detailed profiles of law firms contain information such as the law firm`s legal area, office location, office hours, and payment options. Lawyer profiles include a lawyer`s biography, education and training, as well as client testimonials to help you decide who to hire. To find the right lawyer in Texas, you need to ask questions related to your legal case. You should find a lawyer who meets your specific needs. The questions you should ask yourself before hiring a lawyer may be: A patent is a contract between an inventor and the government.

The inventor provides the public with a full description of the invention in a patent application. This benefits the public by providing knowledge about the invention as a basis for further innovations. In return, a patent is granted if the invention is new (compared to everything that was known to the public before the invention). This patent gives the inventor the right to exclude others from the manufacture, use, offering for sale, or sale of the patented invention in the United States during the term of the patent, usually 20 years after filing. Kyril Talanov is a litigator who focuses on intellectual property issues, including patent and trade secret litigation. He has experience in litigation with a variety of technologies, such as oilfield drilling and finishing tools, smartphones, and medical equipment. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Mr. Talanov was a process engineer in the oil, gas and petrochemical technology sectors. He has also represented clients in various civil litigation, including commercial litigation like us. Our patent attorneys in Houston regularly visit clients we serve across the country, whether in Silicon Valley or New York. We also serve some of our largest customers from our Houston office, including a multinational telecommunications equipment company. AZA`s patent attorneys have experience in many sectors, including energy, technology, chemistry, biochemistry, telecommunications, hardware and software, and transportation.

AZA`s lawyers have successfully represented both plaintiffs and defendants in intellectual property cases. Nearby cities: Missouri City, Pearland, Pasadena, Sugar Land, Humble. Decades of experience in the fields of intellectual property law, patents and copyright. Call today for a free consultation. While we recruit world-class talent from around the world, our Houston location allows us to leverage high-quality talent from nearby internationally renowned universities: Intellectual Property & Copyright Lawyers Serving Houston, TX (Houston, TX). Our years of experience working with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), as well as our previous positions as patent examiners, have given us a better understanding of what examiners are looking for and allowed us to design patent applications more efficiently. Note: This page refreshes when a filter is selected. Title 35 of the United States Code (the “Patent Statutes”) sets out the standards and procedures for obtaining patents. Patents are granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), an agency of the Department of Commerce.

Recognition by Best Lawyers is based exclusively on peer review. Our methodology is designed to capture as accurately as possible the consistent opinion of leading lawyers on the professional skills of their peers in the same geographical area and area of law. “AZA is a world-class patent attorney firm that excels in litigation – when they stand up to deal with witnesses and present legal arguments, they have this strange ability to convince judges and jurors that they are right in all circumstances. They are also excellent on the briefing side, performing cases in an organized, lean and efficient way,” IAM wrote. Related Business Areas: Trademarks, Science and Technology, Communication and Media, Patents Best Lawyers applies a sophisticated, conscientious, rational and transparent investigation process aimed at obtaining meaningful and substantial assessments of the quality of legal services. We have always believed that the quality of a peer-reviewed survey is directly related to the quality of the voters. FindLaw`s Lawyer Directory is the largest online directory of lawyers. Browse over a million offers covering everything from criminal defense to personal injury to estate planning. The cost of hiring a lawyer may depend on the nature of the law and the complexity of the case. Some lawyers offer a free initial consultation.

A free consultation is more common in cases of contingency fees such as bodily injury or medical malpractice. Some lawyers may charge a fee for the initial consultation. During the initial interview, the lawyer may be able to provide important information, including your legal options, likely outcomes, and the cost of legal services. A first interview is also an opportunity for you to see if this person is the right lawyer for you. James Boone Baxter is an experienced litigator specializing in intellectual property litigation in district and U.S. courts. Patent Trial and Appeal Board. His engineering experience and business experience prior to his work as a lawyer gives him an in-depth knowledge of highly technical issues and an appreciation of business-oriented legal solutions. Lord. Baxter`s experience includes litigation in electronics, software, pharmaceuticals, oilfield technology and semi-communications.

A specialist in technology (computer science, electrical engineering), Louis Liao focuses on patent litigation and commercial litigation. He has represented clients in state and federal courts at all stages of litigation, including the practice of device filing, court proceedings, and appeals. Passionate about technology and a former engineer, he includes a variety of technical fields ranging from computer software to petroleum equipment. Mr. Liao is a graduate of Stanford Law School. During his law studies, he contributed to academic research on the patent system and was active. The grant of a patent does NOT give an inventor himself the right to exploit the patented invention – it only gives the inventor the right to exclude others from the practice of the invention. For example, if an inventor makes an improvement to a previously patented machine and receives a patent, he may prevent the owner of the original patent from taking advantage of the improvement. However, the inventor may not be able to exploit the improvement himself, at least until the expiry of the original patent, as such exploitation could infringe that original patent. David E. Warden is an internationally recognized expert in patents, intellectual property, commercial litigation and arbitration.

He is a lawyer, arbitrator, engineer, associate professor and businessman. M. Warden has litigated numerous patent, intellectual property, and business lawsuits and is admitted as a patent attorney before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. As a founding partner of his former company Yetter Warden & Coleman LLP, Mr. Warden was also appointed as an agent by the federal courts. The firm also has lawyers specializing in trademark, copyright and trade secret matters. The largest of our seven offices, the Houston office, provides intellectual property services to some of the world`s largest companies.

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