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We look forward to your support! Vote for #Neos as the best legal solution. Click here to share your voice: Welcome to the new #Assembly: a fresh and distinctive brand identity that combines decades of industry history and experience with next-generation customer-centric innovation. Today, we honour our legacy and reveal the next evolution of the Assembly. #legaltechnology #legaltech #legalinnovation #casemanagement Assembly Neos, powered by Assembly Software, combines customer-preferred features from two of the revolutionary lawyers` case management brands, Needles and Trialworks, to create the next generation of cloud-based case management capabilities. Neos is a powerful platform designed for process automation, efficient communication and improved business health insights. Neos has evolved and will continue to disrupt and transform the legal industry to meet the changing needs of modern law firms. Knowing your company`s ideal customer is critical to the success of your marketing and branding. If you don`t know how to define the ideal customer for your business, this article will give you the steps you need to do so. #lawpracticemanagement #legaltech #lawfirmmarketing #legalmarketing I am delighted to have been selected for the Forbes Techonolgy Council. Below is the link to the interview with an article on thought leadership for the cloud.

Read it at forbes Technology Council.â #technology #leadership #saas #cloud #assemblysoftware #forbestechnologycouncil At Assembly Software, we`ve had a great year transforming the legal software industry and look forward to helping law firms around the world with their productivity, efficiency and growth. #asemblylegal #growth #NEOs #cloud #SaaS #legalsoftware #migrationmadesimply See why Cathy L. With Altizer Law, PC loves #Neos case management software! #FeelGoodFriday #SaaS #legaltech #casemanagement More customer testimonials: The results are there! #Neos was named Best of 2022 in The Legal Intelligencer. Learn more about Neos and the other winners at the link below. #legaltech #legalinnovation #lawpracticemanagement #casemanagement #legalcasemanagement #assemblyneos #assemblysoftware you can now add up to 25 custom dashboards to your Neos Today home screen and share them with other Neos users! Keep track of your marketing ROI, the number of cases at each stage of the case lifecycle, the number of cases assigned to each employee, and more. With room for 25 custom dashboards, each with unlimited tiles, you can create a dashboard for every aspect of your business that you want to track and optimize. Learn more about Neos` custom dashboards and other new features on #legaltech #legalinnovation #legalcasemanagement #casemanagement Our CEO Daniel Farrar is featured in Authority Magazine. Read his perspective on the 5 things you need to be a highly effective leader in turbulent times. ð You can now customize any type of document with additional fields. We`ve added new default fields for default document types. #Neos #FeatureHighlight Watch the video and learn more about the features of other Neos: This was a fun interview with a lot of thought for all the people I`ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with throughout my career.

To all the business colleagues, friends and family nearby and some now far away, thank you. #thankyou #people #careers #alwaysgrowing #alwayslearning Congratulations! I can`t wait to have a drink at Biltmore. Our Neosâ September version will help you cross the finish line of the Q4. Take a look at what`s new: pins and needles to assembly software. Learn more about our interesting history, the company`s legacy and the recent development of the brand! ð¤© Director of Product Management at Marriott International at LAST CHANCE! Watch a live demonstration of Neos today at 12:00 p.m. ET. Sign up now: Time tracking is one of the most critical processes for many law firms, but one of the most difficult to control. Learn how Neos` automatic time tracking can help you track your billable activities more accurately: #FeatureHighlight.

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